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It can be very overwhelming researching which route is best to take when your child has been diagnosed as on the spectrum. We’re here to help during your child’s journey to better health and wellness. We encourage you to explore this resource, learn about Dr. Amy, her unique approach through The Yasko Protocol, and discover testimonials from veterans of The Yasko Protocol who have shared their Stories of Hope Rewarded.

“I have a few children on Dr. Yasko’s protocol. My youngest son has come far since starting her protocol about 2 years ago. Before the protocol, he wasn’t thriving, couldn’t gain weight, wasn’t growing, and was very lethargic. Eye contact was also poor. He has since grown several inches, gained 12 pounds, and is climbing on things, curious, and getting into all sorts of mischief. His eye contact is now normal. I also have a daughter who was depressed and suicidal before starting the protocol. She tells me she feels a lot better and even feels like she should try to go off of her medication. I have another son who is on the protocol because he was struggling a lot with sleep and mood. We had tried everything under the sun to help with sleep prior to the protocol and nothing worked. He has now been on the protocol for a couple of months and is sleeping great. I am a huge believer in Dr. Yasko’s program. I don’t understand it all, a lot of it is over my head, but I have seen the benefits firsthand and know it works.”


“Our son began Dr. Yasko’s protocol when he was 12 years old.  He had developed severe and debilitating anxiety and panic attacks.  This was affecting every area of his life, school, sports, our home life, his appetite along with his relationships with family and friends.  He was exhausted, we were exhausted and feeling incredibly weary.  Through the guidance of a functional RN friend, we were referred to Dr. Yasko.  Through Dr. Yasko’s thorough testing and consistent daily protocol our now 15 year old boy is incredibly healthy and absolutely THRIVING!  His physical growth has been off the charts, he hasn’t had an anxiety or panic attack in nearly 2 years.  His brain is clear, his academics have accelerated and as a shocking bonus his vision is completely corrected!  Our son began wearing glasses when he was 3 years old.  His corrective eye prescription was intense, along with a strabismus (lazy eye) diagnosis.  Through dedicated work to balance his body, in every area, our son is a high functioning athlete with no need to wear corrective lenses for his vision.  We often talk about the road to his recovery and each time I become overcome with emotion at the sheer invaluable gift we were given to have our child led to whole and complete health with Dr. Yasko.  Thank you, Dr. Yasko, doesn’t feel suffice in articulating our deep gratitude.” 


“We first heard about Dr. Amy Yasko on biomedical groups I follow on Facebook about 3 years ago. At that time, I was very hopeless, discouraged and overwhelmed with the amount of info on my child’s recent Autism diagnosis, and upset with the lack of support from mainstream doctors. We were looking for a light at the end of the tunnel and fortunately, we found it. For the past 2 years we have been investing in a Hair Elements test which is helping us tremendously to identify my child’s levels of metals and minerals deficiencies and address it properly. Ever since, we started to see cognitive improvement, less sensory cravings, less picky eating and even some speech. Speech. We were told my child would likely never speak, and after almost 4.5 years waiting to hear his voice, his speech is coming along slowly, but purposefully. This year, we will also do the Hair Elements test on my neurotypical child, because we want her to stay healthy and address any possible deficiency at an early age. We’ll be forever thankful to Dr. Yasko (and the Hair Element test option) because that was the pinpoint to our recovery journey. Don’t give up!


“Dr. Amy, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. Our journey started when our son was 3 years old when he was diagnosed with Autism and Apraxia. Now at 11 years old, his health has improved so much that our life no longer revolves around doctor’s appointments and therapies. And, when his health improved, so did his behavior and academics. We are so happy that we can enjoy our family together again!

Just to summarize, here are some of the improvements: skin (no longer has eczema nor scratches at night), seasonal allergy (no longer takes OTC allergy meds such as Claritin), sleep (no more waking up in the middle of the night), energy (no longer tired all the time), sound sensitivity (no trouble getting on the train or airplane), anxiety (no panicking in public), speech (conversational – this is a kid who was given AAC device from school district because of his Apraxia! No more AAC and speech therapy hours reduced).

We still have long ways to go, but being able to enjoy our family together is huge. We just had our summer vacation in Florida and he swam with the dolphin! His brother is so happy and it’s such a joy to see my boys playing together. Thank you Dr. Amy for everything!”


I want to personally welcome you to The Yasko Protocol and Holistic Health International, LLC. I want you to know that this program is unlike any other health program you will encounter. In turn, this is likely going to be a very different experience than you have ever had. This is not a one size fits all program; it truly is a customized program to give you the tools and information that fit your needs and create a personalized map for better health and wellness.

Please take the time to view the Getting Started menu for helpful resources. This link includes many resources that can be downloaded and saved to your desktop for easy referencing. I believe that knowledge is power and that the more you understand and the more data you have in terms of your own unique health, the better equipped you will be to make informed health decisions in the future.

I expect that you will be pleasantly surprised by the personal support and interactions from me, as well as from each of the caring individuals that are a part of Holistic Health. I think you will be touched by the level of caring, love, and hope that you will learn to expect from all of us. However, you may be overwhelmed with the volume of information and products. Please do not hesitate to connect with our amazing customer support team with any questions or concerns you may have.

You can also find support through our Discussion Group (www.Ch3Nutrigenomics.com) forum. This is a place for emotional support along with concrete scientific ideas. Parents can chat with each other, moderators are present to help answer questions about The Yasko Protocol, and you will see posts from me as well. I ask all of our members to put in the time to really understand the program. This will not happen overnight, it is a slow process as you immerse yourself in all of the science. Know that you will be supported, helped and guided by other veteran members of this site to make the learning process smoother and easier.

If you choose to order a test from HolisticHeal.com with my Client File Review, I want to clarify that you do not have to add every single supplement in a given category or every product I may suggest. I offer my expertise and knowledge as to what supplements may be helpful for a given imbalance and leave the choice to you and your doctor to determine which best suits your needs. To rebalance a number of pathways in the body simultaneously, The Yasko Protocol approaches supplementation in a specific way. Initially, I suggest starting below the recommended dosage on a label (unless otherwise directed by your own doctor). If you are particularly sensitive to supplements, it is completely ok to begin with even just a sprinkle of each supplement and then gradually increase. Again, always consult with your health care professional.

Please trust that there is always someone on the other end of your phone or computer who really, truly cares for you and your child in the way I would want someone to care for me if the situation was reversed.

With Love & Hope for Better Health Always,
Dr. Amy

Stories of Hope
& Health Rewarded

“I continue to give a big ‘thank you’ to you, Dr. Amy. Your remarkable intelligence and understanding of biochemical pathways is brilliant and like no other, combined with a huge heart and deep compassion always leaves me beyond words. In a world with so many searching for a way to sustain their good health and others fighting for good health, I continue to have deep gratitude and respect for you and the countless ways you have helped me…May more doctors find a way to open to your genius and cultivate a heart like yours,”


“…I am truly so thankful to you, and your family, for the incredibly comprehensive information that you have put together in your books and made available at no charge to those of us in desperate search for answers. you truly have changed lives…”


“Thank you Dr. Yasko…. obstacles to grace melt away….the light shines for all these children and their families through your mind as an instrument,”


“Dr. Amy, you are a blessing! You are a gift for all who have been fortunate to learn from you! Thank you for your heart, and your brilliance!”


“We are so thankful for you Dr. Amy Yasko – your research and your program have changes the lives of so many people…before you we had no hope, following your program we have a thriving healthy daughter…”


“Thank you for all you do for us that believe in your hard work over the years!”


“Thank you so much for everything you do! Our daughter has less anxiety every single day,”


“Reading your research years ago finally got me on the right path for getting help for my daughter. I’m forever grateful,”


“Thank you Dr. Amy Yasko!!! In following your protocol, our daughter is a completely new child…she didn’t talk or make eye contact. She lived in her own world. Now…She plays with her older brothers (bosses them around), engages in conversations with everyone, enjoys helping in the kitchen…I could fill a book! My favorite memory was just a few months ago…She took my husband’s hands and said, “dance with me daddy”. I cried like you would not believe! I praise God for you and your work. I pray for protection for you, your family, and your work,”


“…we are so very thankful for you Dr. Yasko! Thank you for everything you do, we know you are going to completely change our daughter’s life…We see it slowly happening every day while on the program. We pray…that you have everything in your life that you need to keep helping children like ours…”


“Thank you Dr. Amy…I’ve experienced firsthand, countless times, just how much you care about those of us struggling with health. Your compassion, generosity, commitment to keep learning and passing on your findings, as I’ve said many times, is commendable. I’ve yet to meet any health care professional that comes even close to you in knowledge and care. Thanks to you and your staff for all the new tools, and for the excellent friendly service!…Always with deep gratitude,”


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